After McGrady came to the rockets, he and yao formed the MM combination, and the popularity of t-mac in China soared, and the red one became a household name in China. In magic, Tracy McGrady to score, but the rockets, he has yao Ming, so he decided to change their own style, is no longer just grab points, but into the brain, the team effort series team LOLGA, let teammates involved, leadership gradually revealed. The most impressive thing is that during the rockets' 22-game winning streak, yao Ming was out of the game in the middle of the game, and McGrady was alone with the team, attacking the team and leading the team to a winning streak.

And, despite the fact that the rockets have fallen in relative magic, who can stop McGrady? A stunning reversal of 35 seconds and 13 minutes is the best proof. Having experienced the growth of the raptors and the magic, the rockets have a mature t-mac, and the team's record is skyrocketing. But the first spell is still haunting, the rockets are always in the playoffs, the mavericks' big reversal and the old foe's relentless two years of relentless attack have put McGrady's team in doubt.